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It is no secret that the legal industry has been cautious about embracing social media, especially as many lawyers are concerned about potential risks and ethical considerations. Modern Marketing Legal, LLC is your partner in building a successful, robust and enduring social media presence for lawyers and law firms. We combine our understanding of both the legal field and intricacies of social media with your unique goals and audience to formulate custom tailored strategies to ensure your success. The result is establishing a compelling brand identity, create engaging content and navigate the evolving social media landscape with ethical compliance and professional responsibilities. Our focus is on long-term growth and success, ensuring that your digital presence not only grows and thrives today, but also adapts to the digital world over time, fosters relationships with your clients and amplifies your law practice’s reach.

Your social media success is not just a short-term achievement but a sustainable journey towards a prominent and enduring online presence. The social media for lawyers services we offer include:

  1. Social Media Education & Training: Comprehensive programs tailored to lawyers and law firms that address ethical and professional responsibility requirements, reputation management and time-efficient strategies to ensure you feel confident on social media.
  2. Social Media Consulting: Personalized guidance is provided, helping you to craft a social media strategy that aligns with your comfort level and ethical obligations.
  3. Social Media Content Management: General social media management services are provided to maintain active, engagement social media accounts that are aligned with your goals if you are concerned about time restraints and/or maintaining a consistent online presence.
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